ISSH Renovations Surprise Returning Students

The staircase railings gleaming with fresh coats of paint. Original photo: Reshma

On August 21, students returned from their summer vacations to commence another school year. Upon their return, the middle and high school students were welcomed by carpet-less floors, a row of field-green benches, and reinforced walls that replaced windows in the library and the computer labs.

In early June, the student population was notified that the middle and high school building would be renovated. The structural integrity of the school had exceeded expectations for the annual government criteria regarding earthquake safety. The reasons for the additional walls in the library and the computer labs were to further place ISSH at the peak of stability and security.

The modernized look has been met with mixed reactions. Sarah, a rising junior said, “Ever since the third grade, I have always envisioned the library as inviting and open. I miss the library windows and the tinge of traditionality that it had.”  Sarah said that it will take time to adjust to the new atmosphere.

On the other end of the spectrum, Lisa (10) said, “Initially, it was slightly surprising, but I really like the floors. To be honest, it’s innovative and I’ve spilled so many beverages on the carpets. With these new floors, there is one less thing to worry about.”

However, when asked about the library, she said, “The library is an exception, because with all the thick walls, the library feels a little claustrophobic.”

A new student, Jessica (11) supported neutrality, “I was here before the school transformed, but I believe everything has its ‘goods’, and its ‘bads’.”

The high school principal, Ms. Young, said, “Eventually things become worn out and by addressing positive change we are taking a step towards the future.”