The International

Janice Y. (12)
Janice is a current senior at the International School of the Sacred Heart Tokyo. If you’ve seen any short, chatty student walking around the hallways with a big blue backpack that is half her size, that’s her. Or if you’ve heard any loud laughter in the corridors, that’s probably also her. Apparently, her “super-straight”, black hair along with her “super-nerdy” glasses make her seem more serious than she needs to be, but she wants people to know that she is very approachable. So, if anyone wants to spark up a debate about history or BTS or food, please just talk to her, wherever and whenever. She is a fan(atic) of many things, so she will pretty much have something to say about anything. Hopefully, some students will be able to tune in with at least a few of her interests that will be shared throughout this new medium. 

Janice Y. (12), Writer

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