Tokyo Midtown skating rink

Don’t know what to do on a cold winter’s day in Tokyo? Head on over to the Tokyo Midtown Ice Rink. This unique skating rink is surrounded by Hinokicho park, so you can see nature and the city skyline while skating. Although it is small and has ice that is bumpier than that of the standard indoor skating rink, the view and lack of the professional skating crowds make up for it. There are also no cut off areas – often found in the center of most rinks for professional skaters – so the entire rink is very beginner friendly.

While it is slightly expensive to skate here, costing 2,000 yen on weekdays and 2,300 yen on weekends, the rental skates, helmets and knee pads which are included in the fee are of relatively good quality. The skates are a sturdy leather material and have easily adjustable laces. The rink even offers double-bladed skates and skating aids for beginners and children. If you need other protective gear, you can borrow a helmet for free or purchase gloves for 200 yen.

One confusing feature of this rink is that an admission ticket comes with a discount drink ticket that could not be used at the rink. Instead, it can be used at Midtown at certain cafes. However, there is a heated changing area, an abundance of seats, and a set of lockers that can be used for 100 yen.

The ice rink is also within a few minutes walking distance of Tokyo Midtown, where you can shop and eat before or after skating, and about a 10-minute walk from Roppongi station. If you are looking to have some fun this weekend, while also being close to restaurants and entertainment, Tokyo Midtown Ice Rink is the place to go!


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