LushLabs (Harajuku)

The overwhelmingly fragrant aroma, dark black decor, and long product lineup from toothpaste to body wash are what most customers expect from the popular beauty chain Lush, so walking into what is now known as LushLabs in Harajuku, regular customers are in for a surprise. 

Inside the store, over 30 types of bath bombs including Harajuku exclusives Harajuku Bomu and Black Rose line the walls and rotate on a conveyor belt with bath bombs being the only traditional Lush item on sale.

For all its hype, the new display fell short of expectations.

Lush has also taken steps towards technological innovation by launching a new smartphone application aimed to give customers a virtual experience while visiting LushLabs. However, this app is not the most user-friendly. It does not work with cellular data and is also inconvenient since it ignores the large product selection at Lush, including cosmetic and hair products. The prices of the bath bombs are also not listed in the store, making it extremely inconvenient for customers who do not have the app.  

Similarly, Lush has also introduced new cloth wrapping for bath bombs, t-shirt merchandise, and cloth patches. These features, although great for social media, leave no space for product demonstration and testing while also lacking sophistication for mature customers.

What could have been the perfect combination of one of Lush’s best selling products, bath bombs, and engaging interface, did not hit the mark this season. We’ll be waiting for the next, hopefully, more eventful launch at LushLabs, but for now, there is still a long way to go in meeting consumer expectations.

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