Hao Cha (Hiroo)

Bubble tea, or “boba” has become the new craze amongst Sacred Heart students, especially after the recent launch of Hao Cha- a small Tapioca Cafe tucked away in Hiroo. With the numerous tapioca places in Tokyo, it is difficult to decide where to fulfill your tea cravings, but Hao Cha definitely ranks high on must-try places on that list!

Hao Chao offers a wide selection of flavors from floral Jasmine Tea to the traditional Milk Tea. Our recommendations include the Brown Sugar Tapioca tea, a unique combination of brown sugar syrup, and the Chocolate Milk, a childhood favorite with a tapioca-pearl twist. Hao Cha gives customers the option to adjust ice levels, sugar levels, as well as the size of the drink, making it customizable to your taste.

Alongside offering a tasty selection of drinks, Hao Chao is located just five minutes away from Hiroo Station. No more waiting in long lines in Shibuya or traveling on the train to fulfill your bubble tea cravings- just head on over to Hao Cha, a definite spring hit!


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