Prom 2019: Starry Night

On Saturday, April 6, the annual prom, hosted by members of the Sacred Heart, Seisen, and St. Mary’s prom committee, took place at the Tokyo Marriott Hotel in Shinagawa. The venue was beautifully decorated with blue lights, gold, blue and white balloons, and silver table cloths to reflect the prom’s theme: “Starry Night”. Compared to previous years, when the prom events were hosted at the ANA Intercontinental Hotel, this years’ venue definitely felt more spacious. The dance floor, which was located in the center of the ballroom, was large enough to accommodate the 170-plus students who attended. The buffet, which lined the sides of the ballroom, offered a range of cuisines from Japanese to Western, and a mocktail bar added a touch of formality to the evening. Throughout the night, several St. Mary’s students entertained everyone and kept the atmosphere alive with vocal performances. This year’s prom was definitely a hit! Thank you, prom committee!

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