Starbucks Roastery (Nakameguro)

Only a couple minutes away from Sacred Heart lies the largest Starbucks Roastery in the world. Located in upscale Nakameguro and designed by world-renowned architect Kengo Kuma, this highly anticipated roastery has been flooded with customers ever since its opening this past February. Just getting in requires purchasing a ‘waiting ticket’, and an hour of waiting in line. During its peak hours between noon and 4pm on weekends, the waiting time for the roastery can reach up to two hours!

The seemingly endless line is discouraging — but at its end there awaits the roastery with its magnificent interior design, complete with elegant verandas and large windows that provide an expansive view of the Meguro river (lined with blooming sakura trees during the Spring!), as well as its inventive range of customised drinks.

During our visit there, we ordered one of their well recommended Roastery Creations: “Iced Sparkling Espresso (Gravitas Blend Vintage) with Mint”. The carbonated blend of coffee and mint leaves features a rich mocha flavor complemented by hints of blackberry and fig fruits and an interesting fizzy sensation. The drink was unlike anything we had experienced and so, despite its slightly expensive price (800 yen for one tall glass), was altogether very pleasing.

Since every drink on the menu is freshly brewed upon order, the roastery will also appeal to customers seeking the full coffee experience from its preparation to its consumption. However, the preparation time—which can take as long as ten minutes per drink—combined with the high prices may frustrate those simply in need of a quick wake up coffee shot in the morning.

For coffee enthusiasts searching for new tastes and creative drinks, the roastery is a definite hit! Pop by this Starbucks Roastery the next time you have a chance!


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