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Therapy for the teenage brain

“Teenager Therapy, because we have problems too”

This theme song to the podcast Teenager Therapy is not only comical but, I find, very fitting to describe our generation. I came across this podcast through an interview with ‘Good Morning America’, throughout the vast media attention they were receiving during the peak of this pandemic, including an interview with The New York Times. As of recent, they recorded an episode with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for World Mental Health Day on October 10. What makes this podcast so unusual is that the therapy is conducted by teenagers.

Hosted by five current high school seniors: Gael, Isaac, Mark, Thomas, and Kayla, the podcast discusses topics ranging from body image, friendships, school, the pandemic, and many casual conversations such as their current obsessions from tv shows and hobbies, and what they did during quarantine. Regardless, this podcast gives you that overall feel-good feeling, but also makes you ask the deeper questions: How am I doing? How do I feel? Addressing these emotions and questions are important now more than ever, adding on to all of the unexplained emotions that we as teens face. 

Few podcasts are catered towards teens and speak on topics as raw as honestly as they do, which is what makes this podcast so personal and popular amongst its audience. Because of how casual and relaxed the podcast is, it sounds like you are listening in on five friends having a genuine conversation. None of the podcast members hold back on their experiences and opinions, which not only destigmatizes the topics they speak on but also makes them easy to hear. You truly feel that you are not alone. 

I have been listening to this podcast while studying, getting ready, and commuting, and I can say with confidence that this is one of those podcasts that really makes you feel in all the best ways possible. For those looking for a vulnerable, heartfelt, and intimate podcast, this is the perfect opportunity to start listening to Teenager Therapy. 

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