UBER Eats Delivery Cyclist Riding Through a Busy Oxford Road in Manchester

“UBER Eats Delivery Cyclist Riding Through a Busy Oxford Road in Manchester”

Uber Eats, the easy and convenient food delivery service, has been gaining attention, especially during the stay-at-home period. What better way to start your Uber Eats journey than with this Uber Eats takeout guide series, which has accumulated a selection of restaurants that are delicious and worth your money.


Uber Eats: the takeout starter guide

Coming from a family that orders from Uber Eats (more often than I’d like to admit), I’d like to believe that I am qualified enough to call myself an UberEats expert. By using this app frequently, I have accumulated a good selection of restaurants that are all worth your money. 

For those who are unfamiliar with Uber Eats: Uber Eats is a food delivery app where you can order from a wide selection of restaurants from your area. You can decide what you would like to eat based on cuisine, put it into your cart, place an order, and track how close your food is to your home. The experience of ordering is a journey, to say the least. The selecting, ordering, waiting, and tracking all contribute to the joy of having warm food delivered to your door.

My top three UberEats restaurants to order from are 440 Broadway, Soul Food House, and Chenputon. 

440 Broadway $

Location: Food truck in front of National Azabu, and in Ebisu (1-25-3 2F) 

440 Broadway is an amazing Mexican restaurant to order from — if not, the best in the Hiroo area. At an inexpensive price, they offer a high-quality selection of Tex Mex style food, filling you up satisfyingly. 

Personal favorites: (chicken or beef) nachos, beef tacos

My all-time favorite to order is the nachos. The tortilla chips have that great ‘crunch’ and are perfectly salted to devour alongside the guacamole, cheese, salsa, and meat. The beef tacos are also a great item to try. The beef is topped off with onions, lime, cilantro adding a ‘kick’ of spice. The items 440 Broadway serves are ideal for when you are doing two things at once, whether studying for a test or watching TV. 

440 Broadway is also available right next to National Azabu as a food truck from Sundays to Thursdays, 11 am to 6 pm. 

Soul Food House $$

Location: Azabu Juban (2-8-10, 6F)

This might be my all-time favorite place to order from, and I have yet to try all the items from the lengthy menu. What makes this place so special is that they create authentic Southern and Cajun cuisine from scratch. This gives each item its homey flavor, making it perfect for when you are craving comfort food. From salads to cheat meals, I guarantee that every item you order will not disappoint. 

Personal favorites: apple nut salad, Greek salad, waffle fried chicken, Mac n’ Cheese, blacken shrimp tacos, BBQ pulled pork quesadillas

This restaurant captures the wonderful tastes of the Southern part of America, and you can truly tell the owners put their heart and soul into every dish. The apple nut salad is served on the side of maple balsamic vinaigrette, going hand in hand with the sweetness of the dried fruits, apples, and nuts. The fried chicken remains warm and crispy, the waffle nice and soft, creating a delicious sweet and savory combo. The Mac n’ Cheese is my favorite. The homemade-ness of the dish warms your stomach, the cheese melting in your mouth with every bite. They also offer the pulled pork BBQ quesadilla and blacken shrimp tacos. What I like about these is the softness of the flour tortillas and the classic American style BBQ. This place is good to order from when you want something to cheer you up or when you just want to wind down. 

Chenputon $$$ 

Location: Nishiazabu, 4-22-11 B1F (This restaurant is near Sacred Heart. After exiting from the university campus, turn to the right and walk straight until you pass the Red Cross hospital, all the way to Natural Lawsons.)

This might be a restaurant you’ll want to save up for. Chenputon is a classy, authentic Chinese restaurant which is perfect for when you want to go ahead and treat yourself. The food is definitely on the pricey side, but it’s worth all of it.

Personal favorites: Mabo tofu, black vinegar sweet and sour pork, crispy pork 

As sophisticated restaurants are slightly intimidating, by ordering out, Chenputon will help create the fancy atmosphere in the comfort of your own home. What I love the most about the Mabo tofu they serve is that it is spicy but not too spicy, something that I can handle. The dish has a good ratio of meat, tofu, and sauce, making it so much more enjoyable to eat, especially with rice. I have always been a big fan of pumpkin, so when I took a bite out of the black vinegar sweet and sour pork, I was delighted. The black vinegar sauce is thick, coating the pork and pumpkin. The sourness of the vinegar, sweetness of the pumpkin, and fatty pork balance each other out, which also goes well with rice. A dish that is a favorite in my family is the crispy pork. It is served cold, but it does not change the crispiness of the pork skin. It surprises you with the sudden ‘crunch’ and the sudden juiciness it provides. Chenputon is the place to go when you are feeling extra special, do yourself a favor and place your order.


The Uber Eats takeout guide: part II

Now with the pandemic, many in Tokyo are turning to Uber Eats for comfort, and to avoid the close proximity in restaurants. Uber Eats is a great way to support your local restaurants and try out amazing foods, and I have come back yet again to recommend more great restaurants to order from. 

Although the school does not allow students to order food to be delivered to campus, Uber Eats is definitely a great application to try out at home.

For those who want the basics and a more introductory guide to your Uber Eats journey, please check out my Uber Eats Starter Guide

Now, let’s get started. 

The three restaurants I’d like to recommend are Gamaro Gang Jung, Bob’s Ribs, and Ta-im.

Gamaro GangJung $

Location: Shibuya Jingumae, 1-8-8 1F

Gamaro GangJung is a Korean restaurant that offers fried chicken glazed with honey and soy sauce, sweet and spicy sauce, and/or a cheese of your choice: mozzarella, cheddar, or neither, and tteokbokki, Korean rice cakes.

Personal Favorites: honey soy sauce and sweet and spicy dakgangjeong with mozzarella cheese

If you constantly crave good fried chicken, Gamaro GangJung serves some of the best. Adding the mozzarella cheese to the honey soy sauce makes the chicken more savory, whereas, for the sweet and spicy sauce, it takes out most of the spice. What makes this fried chicken particularly special is the glaze. It’s almost like the chicken is candied, making the chicken extra crispy. The more you bite into the chicken, the juicier and more buttery it gets, creating an all-around amazing dish. I suggest preparing some pickled vegetables on the side to freshen up each bite. 

I would recommend trying Gamaro GangJung with your family, as the variety on their menu is not something to try alone. You can create a ‘party’ right where you are.

Bob’s Ribs $$

Location: Shibuya, 2 Chome−11−14 Main Stage Aoyama 1F

Bob’s Ribs is the place to get some classic American BBQ dishes, ranging from mac n’ cheese and grilled sausages to BBQ ribs and chili with some cornbread. Every item tastes like it is straight off the grill, and is reminiscent of summer BBQ parties. Personally, I find it hard to find good BBQ in Japan that truly captures the essence of an American BBQ. However, Bob’s Ribs executes it perfectly. 

Personal Favorites:  ribs, french fries, chicken wings

Bob’s Ribs is not the restaurant without the title, and if you try their ribs, you’ll see why. The ribs sauce is not the classic BBQ sauce you’re used to having, it’s slightly sweeter, but not too overpowering. I am the biggest fan of french fries, and the french fries in Bob’s ribs are unlike any fry I have tried before. If you order them with the ribs, they are placed right underneath them, which means that they are drizzled with the ribs glaze. For some, juicy and soggy fries are not ideal, but these are truly one of the best fries I have tried. They are salted just right, and the sauce on top adds a touch of flavor that brings the fries to life. The chicken wings have spice to them, but the right amount. You’ll be able to go for seconds. 

Ta-im $$$

Location: 1 Chome-29-16 Ebisu, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0013

Tai-im is a restaurant (with vegan and vegetarian options) that serves Israeli cuisine. It is the pricer one of the bunch, but the authenticity of the restaurant is something hard to replicate or eat elsewhere. 

Personal Favorites: cinnamon kebab, falafel, baklava 

The cinnamon kebab is lamb cooked on a cinnamon stick, which brings out the flavor and has an indescribable taste. I can say just the same about the falafel. It is homemade and always delivered warm. The falafel with the pita and hummus, serves well as the main and is satisfying and filling. Baklava is a sweet pastry dessert, effectively wrapping up the meal with all the flavors you have tried. The texture is satisfyingly soft, making it a must-eat for when you order from Ta-im. 

Ta-im has a lot of fun items on their menu, so I recommend this for a family who feels like they want to dip into something authentic and different. 

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