Milk Cow: Soft Cream in Hiroo

New shops are always popping up in the backstreets of Hiroo, so it’s important to keep your eye out for the latest sweets craze. The other day when I was walking around Hiroo, I discovered “Milk Cow”, a brand new soft serve ice cream shop located across the street from Homework’s. The cute little store boasts a variety of interesting soft serve ice cream flavors. Milk Cow’s speciality is its honeycomb ice cream which is made of 90% organic milk and glazed with honey. Other flavors include Cookies & Cream, Sweet Red Bean, Green Light (mint syrup and almond), and Golden Angel (white chocolate syrup and white chocolate).

The price of a cup of Milk Cow ice cream varies depending on if its “organic” or “regular.” Organic ice cream is made from organic dairy products which keep the harmful antibiotics, hormones, and chemicals given to non-organic cows out of your system. Although the ice cream is a bit pricey for its small portion (490 yen for the regular option), it was extremely delicious. I ordered the Cookies and Cream soft cream, which was a perfect consistency, and was not too milky or sweet. The toppings balanced the sweetness and added a nice crunch to the ice cream. My sister ordered Milk Cow’s signature honeycomb ice cream, which looked phenomenal. I’m looking forward to going back to Milk Cow and trying out all their unique flavors.