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Five Things Japan is Changing to Accommodate Foreigners Visiting Japan for the 2020 Olympics
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How We Can End Orca Captivity
Japanese med schools exposed for systematic discrimination
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Winter Hits and Misses
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"This year, more than Boosters influencing us, we’re the ones influencing Boosters. With our hyper personalities and crazy ideas, the four of us were born for Boosters. And when we come together, we form the ultimate spirit team”


"Since joining the production crew at this school, I’ve been able to re-discover the joy of working together with a team in order to create something beautiful — just as I had done with film-making in University. I guess that, in the end, I’ve gone full circle."

Ms. O

"Ever since I joined Sacred Heart in K5, I was lucky to have passionate teachers who instilled in me a love of learning. That love has stayed with me and guided me to where I am today: in the classroom — except this time on the other side as a teacher."

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