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Echo-chambers of online activism are drowning out voices
Echo-chambers of online activism are drowning out voices
Miki M. (11), Mary C. (11), Eimi S.(11)
Our social media presence has always been a measure of our virtue, but with our lives centralizing around it even more, it is exacerbating the emphasis placed on our online actions as a representation of our morals. 
Kyoto University is one of few universities in Japan that have English taught courses that start in September.
Shifting the Japanese academic year will help Japan globalize
Hanae T. (11)
Shifting the start of the academic year from April to September will help Japan globalize by making studying abroad more accessible to Japanese students and studying in Japan more accessible to international students.
Introverts are people who lose energy, or get tired from social interactions. On the other hand, extroverts gain energy from social interactions.
E-learning: Introverts liberated by the pandemic
Minami R. (10)
Is there any connection between introvertedness and the amount of stress caused by E-learning?