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The Ethics of Animal Cafes in Tokyo
Going Beyond Music: Vocal Ensemble in the Netherlands
What is a “Third Culture Kid”?
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Conformity in Japanese Society
What Cultural Appropriation Means to Me
Why high-schoolers should read about current affairs
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"Whenever I’m with my cello, I feel happier and also more confident about myself. I play also because I want to share the inspiring power of classical music with all of the people in my life."


“I remember feeling so lost the first time I began fencing at nine years old. I hated getting scolded all the time by my fencing coach and being the only young girl in a huge team. Time after time I...


“I’m leaving ISSH this semester to pursue my dream of becoming a Kpop trainee in Korea. This has been my dream for a long time now so I feel like I need to take this opportunity and do what I love the most"

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