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Does “The Queen’s Gambit” glamorize substance abuse?
Eimi S.(11), Editor of Hits and Misses
Despite what are, for the most part, stellar reviews, “The Queen’s Gambit” has sparked debate over its representation of mental illness and substance abuse.
Hana K. enjoying a virtual concert for BTS MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E while holding her BTS light stick. 
Photo Credit: Hana K.
A new era for the performing arts
Mayako F. (11)

This coming spring marks one year since the pandemic began, leading to performances and events being canceled, or at the very least postponed....

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The class of 2020 faces unprecedented challenges as they navigate through  quarantining and remote learning.
Class of 2020: Where are they now?
Chihiro H. (12)
For the recent graduates in the Class of 2020, the first year out of high school is anything but typical.
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Fast fashion workers working in sweatshops.
We need to stop normalizing fast fashion
Vanessa D. (12)
Why is fast fashion still normalized even by the most socially aware?
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Ms. Mizuno
Ms. Mizuno

“I had an interesting childhood because I was born in Tokyo, but before I knew it, I was in a town called Darwin, in Australia. Darwin was and is a very tiny, very multicultural city, with lots of Asian...

Ms. Horn
Ms. Horn

“I don’t remember a time in my life when music was not a part of it. Even though my parents weren’t musically trained, they really appreciated music, so they enrolled all of us [my siblings and I]...


"It started off in 10th grade when something bad happened in my life, and those feelings went out of control. I started having breakdowns during classes, and at home. I couldn’t stop thinking about it....