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The Olympic rings on the fences at the Olympic village.

(Photo credit: Khwaish (‘24))
The Tokyo 2020 Olympics: Was it worth it?

Image of the Cameroonian weightlifter Cyrille Tchatchet who competed for the Refugee Olympic Team in the 2020 Summer Olympics.
World politics reflected in the 2020 Summer Olympics
Risa O.(12)

After a one-year delay, the 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics were held here, in Tokyo, in the midst of a global pandemic. Because of this,...

From left to right: Kokona Hiraki (silver), Sakura Yosozumi (gold), Sky Brown (bronze)
Skateboarding takes off in Japan after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics
Mayako F.(12)
With five medalists emerging from Japan in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in skateboarding, three being gold followed by one silver and one bronze, skateboarding in Japan has seen a surge in popularity. Along with that, the uplifting spirit from skateboarding culture has remained and spread to the heart of its spectators.
Mr. Borecki in the school cafeteria.
Mr. Borecki
Mr. Shirakura standing at the school entrance.
Mr. Shirakura