Little Pie Factory Disappoints



The Little Pie Factory is located right across the street from National Azabu Supermarket.

Joanna, Editor

On 7 November, the “Little Pie Factory” opened up across the street from National Azabu Supermarket in Hiroo. Although you can easily find pies in the various bakeries located throughout Tokyo, there aren’t many shops that specialize specifically in pies. On its opening day, the store was surrounded by a line of people waiting to taste the hand-sized pies. I was hoping to buy one on my way home from school, but by 3pm, the pies were sold out.

This only fueled my excitement. The Little Pie Factory sells a wide variety of pies including chocolate, apple, meat, blueberry, and banana. Each pie costs around 380-480 yen, and is small enough for one person to finish. Customers have the option of taking out the pies or eating them in the store. I was pleasantly surprised the other day when my mom came home with a bag of pies from the Little Pie Factory. However, I am unhappy to report that the chocolate pie tasted bland and lacked sweetness. The crust was not nearly crisp enough and tasted soggy, even though I heated the pie up in the toaster. My sister tried the blueberry pie and also said that the pie tasted bland, and was missing the delicious crunch that usually accompanies pie crusts. We were both very disappointed.

Instead of going to the Little Pie Factory, you should go to the Burdigala–the French bakery across the street. Their chocolate croissants never disappoint.