Calling Afganistan

Sacred Heart girls extend friendship across nations.

On November 27, ISSH raised 133,792 yen through a bake sale, a free dress day, and a raffle draw to support Skateistan, a programme that empowers children (especially girls) in Afghanistan through teaching them to skateboard.


The ISSH community desired not only to fundraise money for the programme, but also to establish a friendship with the Afghan girls in the organisation. On November 27, more than twenty Sacred Heart students called a classroom in Afghanistan classroom through Skype. “There were a lot of girls from a wide range of ages,” said Eri (8).

Skateistan not only teaches children to skate, but also a wide range of subjects including English. Therefore, ISSH had no problem communicating with their new friends. The Afghan girls, “spoke English fluently” according to Erika (8).

Eager to learn about  Japan’s  culture, the Afghan students, “had printed out photos of traditional Japanese cultural events, and the Japanese soccer team, and they asked many interesting questions,” said Mr. Tootell.

By the middle of the video call, “everyone was having a lot of fun,” said Julie (8).

“Yesterday was a magnificent community effort for Skateistan. Our one-hour Skype link from the playground to the Afghanistan classroom was a huge success,” said Mr. Tootell, the main organizer in ISSH for the Skateistan program.


The money received will now be transferred securely to Skateistan through the Head Office in Germany.

“I am confident that this money will be well spent to provide better opportunities to the growing number of children in the Skateistan program,” said Mr. Tootell.