Hark, the Chocolate Angels Sing!

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I’m sure you’ve all seen the long queue of chocolate lovers lining the streets of Omotesando, waiting for their chance to experience the first Max Brenner Chocolater Bar in Tokyo. Luckily for us, and for the other chocolate lovers not willing to make the trek to Omotesando, on December 13, Max Brenner opened a brand new chocolate bar five minutes from ISSH in Hiroo Plaza. Even better, there is no long queue; I only had to wait 2 minutes to be seated.

The "Crepe Brulee" costs 1550 yen.

The “Crepe Brulee” costs 1550 yen.

The shop is spacious and infused with the smells of roasting marshmallows and milky chocolate. As I walked in, I felt like I was entering some sort of chocolate heaven. The menu offers an array of fondues, chocolate chunk pizza, crepes, waffles, “choc-tails”, and hot drinks sure to please every type of chocolate lover. On my first visit, I chose to have a slice of their signature chocolate chunk pizza, which cost 420 yen. It might seem a little pricey, but this isn’t any ordinary chocolate pizza. The fluffy crust is first glazed with a layer of milk chocolate and then coated with white chocolate. Finally, roasted marshmallows are sprinkled all over the pizza. When I returned to Max Brenner for the second time, I had the “Banana Crepe Brulee”, which is a banana-filled crepe topped with a crunchy creme brulee outer layer. The dish comes with hot chocolate sauce, small crunchy chocolate balls, and ice cream to decorate your crepe with.

Max Brenner's speciality is their chocolate chunk pizza.

Max Brenner’s speciality is their chocolate chunk pizza.

In addition to the food, Max Brenner’s hot chocolate drinks are the perfect cure for winter chilliness, charging 550 yen for a cup of decadent hot chocolate. The Hiroo Max Brenner also offers a Tutti Frutti Pizza (the signature chocolate pizza topped with fresh fruit and berries) not found at the Omotesando location. This item is only available for a limited time , so be sure to check it out soon! I promise you, the only problem you’ll have at Max Brenner is deciding what to order.


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