Debate: are computers beneficial to education?

Did you know that teenagers nowadays spend an average of 7 hours on the internet.

Did you know that teenagers nowadays spend an average of 7 hours on the internet.


Computers have revolutionized the way students learn. Having a computer in every class gives students access to pages and pages of information with merely a click of a button. In previous years, we would have to go to the library and painstakingly look through piles of books just to find the information we were looking for, and waste class time in the process. Now, within seconds, students can enrich their minds with the multitude of valuable information available on the internet. Sure, I admit that having a computer can sometimes be a distraction, with all the social media sites tempting me to ignore my school work, but just think of it as a great chance to practice self-control.

Do you think computers are beneficial to education?

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The first thing you do when you launch your internet is go on Facebook. It’s a fact. It has become instinctive for teenagers all around the world. Here’s another fact: whenever classes get boring, students go onto social media. Therefore, computers are not always beneficial for our education, if the facebook/instagram/tumblr tab is always visible on the tabs bar.

This really isn’t our fault. We don’t always want to respond to our Facebook messages. It’s just that when we don’t respond to the flickering “you have one new notification” message, it feels like our insides are melting and our souls are being dragged into a deep, dark hole. We are distraction-hungry bloodsuckers. Putting a computer in front of us and expecting us to not be on social media is not the brightest idea.