Alumna update: Kei Meguro (’05)


Mr. Tootell

Kei Meguro shared her experiences with the AP 3D Design class

ISSH alumna Kei Meguro recently visited Tokyo for her first art exhibition. The International was lucky enough to interview her about her artistic career.

What inspired you to major in graphic design? 

Initially I entered SVA to pursue Fine Arts so switching my major over to Graphic Design was a total 180 for me. It was a huge decision and to realise/admit that I wanted to go beyond just painting was pretty much it. I just knew that I had a huge appreciation for typography and anything graphic- varying from cd packaging, poster design etc. One of the best decisions I made by following my heart.

What has been the most challenging aspect of your career so far?
Understanding where to cross the line between making art for myself and making art for a large audience. I learned that I love making art for the mass audience.

Did ISSH help you or inspire you to pursue your career?
I always knew I’d pursue my career somewhere in the art scene but yes, ISSH has been such a supportive place to let young artists grow artistically. I didn’t realise how much more understanding I was of culture  until after I graduated. I really miss One World Day and Family Festival! The more open minded you are about being appreciative of “different” cultures (this could be through anything from food to religion etc.), it really reflects on your artwork as well. Also a huge bonus being bilingual, its great to be able to work with people around the world!

Any advice to ISSH students aspiring to go into a similar field?
Do your thing and you’ll be surprised how many people would be touched by your work. Also, take full advantage of how multi-cultured you are because not everyone has had the chance to experience what we ISSH girls have.