Spring Show Will Present Music from the Magic Kingdom

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Spring Show Will Present Music from the Magic Kingdom

Shiori (8) and Olga (12)

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In past years, the MS and HS choirs have worked on two separate productions during the second semester: while the MS choir was responsible for the Spring Show, the HS choir was responsible for the February Show. This year, however, the choirs have worked together to prepare a single outstanding performance, involving over 300 students.
The Disney-themed “Spring Show” will be held on May 1 starting at 4:30 p.m., and will feature the JS, MS, and HS choirs, the MS and HS orchestra, and the needlework class. Students will be singing and dancing to pieces from the famous movies “Beauty and the Beast”, and “Lion King”, playing a medley of songs from “Pirates of the Caribbean”, and showing their handmade skirts and dresses during the fashion show.

All students are extremely excited to perform, and are especially enthusiastic about the nostalgic theme. “After all, Disney songs are the best, and I’m pretty sure that the last year’s seniors are very jealous,” said Olga (12).

The Spring Show will be a wonderful display of performing arts by the entire school, and a magical night for audiences of all ages!
Date: Friday, March 1st

Time: 16:30 ~

Place: ISSH Gymnasium

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