2015 -2016 International Show Choir auditions next Thursday!


The International Show Choir performs at the annual St. Mary’s ISCA Dinner Show

Darya, Writer

The International Show Choir auditions are coming up NEXT Thursday, 22 May at St. Mary’s International School from 3:30 p.m.!

Show Choir is a combined choir consisting of 36 to 40 high school students from St. Mary’s, Seisen, and Sacred Heart, directed by Mr. and Mrs. Stenson. It is a great experience that gives you the opportunity to show off all your singing and dancing abilities with students from two other schools. Throughout the year, the International Show Choir gets many opportunities to perform in venues such as the St. Mary’s Christmas Concert, St. Mary’s ISCA Dinner Show, the Heritage Festival, and the St. Mary’s Spring Concert.

“Show Choir was a very rewarding experience. I got to push the boundaries of performing arts with Mr. and Mrs. Stenson. It was definitely one of the highlights of my last high school years,” said Tamami, an ISSH 2014 alumna, who performed in the International Show Choir for two years.