Alumna update: Soumya Bhavaraju, ’11


Reshma (12), Editor

When do you begin work?

On October first, I will begin working for the American company Johnsons Control Incorporated–not creating the sweet-smelling baby powder or shampoo–that’s Johnson and Johnson–but designing car seats.

How did you acquire this job?

After graduating Waseda University in 2014, I studied robotics at Waseda’s new International Engineering Program. Pursuing this path opened a door to my current job.

What did you find interesting about this program?

It was a very new program, so a few holes had to be mended. Participating in the program was great because we could help make the program better for next year’s students. I was also one of the only girls in the program, so I felt like a pioneer on so many levels.

How do you feel your Sacred Heart background shaped your career?

Sacred Heart is a very multiethnic and diverse community, so you naturally form a more broadened perspective or “international mindset”. This is key to almost anything–from succeeding at university to finding a job. It’s amazing how privileged we are to be exposed to different backgrounds from such a small age. We’re trained to be malleable and flexible–an imperative ability to adjust to an unfamiliar environment.

Any advice on surviving senior year?

It really doesn’t matter where you go. As long as you continue to do your best and work hard in senior year, you’ll be fine.