In search of new doctors: the ISSH Medical Society

New club encourages students to study medicine

Megu J (11), Writer

We are in a time where technology is developing faster than ever. This is especially true in the medical field. Already, there are many female students interested in becoming doctors, and this is particularly important within our school as this field of study is still male dominant. By 2010, 32.4 percent of physicians were women compared to in 1970, where there were only 9.7 percent, according to Wall Street Journal.   Three students from junior year have started a ‘ISSH Medical Society’, a lunchtime club that hopes to “introduce and explore the medical field with high school students who are interested in pursuing a medical career in the future,” said Mirei (11).

Leaders of the ISSH Medical Society present their goals for the year.
Photo Credit: Megu J
Leaders of the ISSH Medical Society present their goals for the year.


The main goal of this club is for students who are interested in becoming doctors to explore the medical field and educate themselves about different physician specialities.  “We want everyone to have an early step up to know that the “doctor” category contains various subcategories of physicians specialities. For example, cardiologists, dermatologists, oncologists, etcetera. This is a great opportunity for students to find the best fit in the medical field for them,” said Mirei (11).Volunteering at nearby hospitals, shadowing doctors at hospitals in Japan, as well as suturing labs are just a few of the many projects they plan on accomplishing as a club.

During the lunch time meetings, the club members also discuss potential goals and research the medical field that they are interested in. The leaders also take time to help any club members who are struggling in biology or chemistry by offering guidance with their schoolwork.

The  club hopes to continue to influence and encourage more students to take interest in the medical field.