Make the team!

How to do well at try-outs


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Mia K (10), Writer

With semester one coming close to an end, students may start to prepare or think about what sports to join in future seasons or even the next school year. One common question that they all have is, “How can I make the team?” The cross country, basketball, tennis, and volleyball coaches have given some useful tips to keep in mind while trying out for a team.

Tip Number One: Be prepared

Being prepared for tryouts is very important as it shows dedication and leaves a good impression on the coaches. One of the best ways to prepare for tryouts is by practicing on your own. “Practice is number one,” said Coach Bowler, the cross country and  Middle School basketball coach. “There’s always room for improvement and always something you can work on.”

Coaches love it when players go to camps specific to that sport or take lessons outside of school. “Even practicing two days prior to the tryouts helps,” said Coach Jeremic, the High School varsity tennis coach. “It may not immediately improve your skill, but it will make you feel more confident during tryouts.”

However, the High School varsity volleyball coach, Coach Braun, says that although practice is important, correct practice is what really matters, and that “there is no point in practicing something wrong when the coach is going to ask you to change it. You practice how you play. So practice perfect.”

Tip Number Two: Maintain a good attitude

All coaches stress that good attitude from the players during tryouts is very important. The three most common aspects of a “good attitude” mentioned by coaches are staying positive, being coachable, and showing good sportsmanship. Good sportsmanship includes encouraging other team-mates and respecting them on and off the court or field. A way coaches look for good attitude is by watching a player’s body language. “We always look at body language of the players. Good body language shows good attitude. It shows that they are listening to us and shows their commitment to the sport,” said the High School basketball coaches Coach Lee and Coach Cervantes.

Taking small actions such as getting to tryouts early, and showing eagerness to practice shows coaches dedication to the sport. Having a good attitude is important because it shows the coaches that those players will bring their good attitude on to the court and have a good influence on their teammates. Showing a bad attitude such as not listening, fooling around during practice, or showing poor sportsmanship will bring an overall negative impression, and coaches may reconsider putting you on the team.

As well as maintaining a good attitude, keeping a calm attitude while trying out is also helpful. “Remember to stay calm and relaxed while trying out,” said Coach Jeremic. “Tryouts are very short and if you’re nervous, you may not be able to play your best.”

Tip Number Three: Just try

As well as being skilled and talented, coaches look for players that will try their hardest. “It does not matter how terrible you are at something, if you give it 100% every time and at least try–that will reflect well. If you try to be ‘too cool’ or give a half effort, my team is not where you’ll be,” says Coach Braun. Trying your best shows that you are devoted and eager to learn more, which is an important aspect coaches look for in players. “Just don’t give up. You are going to make mistakes sometimes, but just keep on going through with it,” said Coach Lee.