Stay tuned for “Music Madness Week” 2016!

February 27 to March 5 is Music Madness Week!

Darya, Writer

“Music Madness Week” is here! Six big musical events are held in just seven days! This is the week all of the musicians in the Kanto Plain have been working up to all year.

The week will start off with the Instrumental Solo and Ensemble Festival held at St. Mary’s International School this Saturday, February 27. The Instrumental Solo and Ensemble Festival is a chance for students in both Middle and High school to perform a piece in front of two judges, who will give the students either a gold, silver, or bronze award, as well as feedback. The audience is able to enjoy any performance throughout the day, so don’t hesitate to come support the Sacred Heart musicians.

Tuesday, March 1, is the day of the Honor Choir Clinic. The Honor Choir singers will have an incredible opportunity to work with Dr. Angela Broeker, Mrs. Ofstedal’s former teacher, and an internationally famous choral conductor. The 10 Sacred Heart Honor Choir singers, Ena (9), Lyla (9), Sara (9), Mia (10), Anju (11), Darya (11), Alice (12), Anjana (12), Jessica (12), and Yoko (12), are excited to be able to spend a whole day with Dr. Broeker, as well as the other selected Honor Choir members from the Kanto Plain International Schools, to perfect their pieces for the Honor Choir concert later that week.

Wednesday, March 2 will feature the Honor Orchestra and Band Clinic. The Honor Orchestra members and Honor Band members will spend the day at Sacred Heart working on their repertoire for the Honor Orchestra and Band concert. This year, 14 Sacred Heart musicians: Erika (11), Riko (9), Karen (9), Saya (12), Mia (10), Honoka (8), Alice (8), Sakurako (7), Lyla (9), Risa (7), Ayana (9), Moeka (12), Kana (11), and Kenzie (9), will be represented in the Honor Orchestra and Band. This is an exciting year, as this has been the biggest number of members selected from Sacred Heart. Erika(11) was chosen as the concertmaster.

Thursday, March 3, will be Choral Festival Day. While the non-choir members will have the day off, the High School Choir will be traveling to St. Mary’s International School, where over 500 students will spend a day performing in front of each other, and making great music together. The Sacred Heart High School Choir and the Vocal Ensemble will be performing two songs each, for which they will be adjudicated and receive constructive feedback. The High School Choir will be performing two powerful songs, “Witness” and “Gnothi Safton (Know Thyself)”, which will feature boomwhackers (see image in gallery). The Vocal Ensemble will perform a new, and very challenging piece, “Only Light, Only Love” and a Christmas throwback, “The Joiku”.

On the evening of the following day, Friday, March 4,  the Honor Choir Concert will be held in the Christian Academy of Japan Auditorium. This is an incredible night of choral music, featuring the selected ensembles from each of the Kanto Plain schools, as well as the Honor Choir. The concert will start at promptly at 7 p.m.

Saturday, March 5, evening’s Honor Orchestra and Band Concert will be the closing day of the 2016 Music Madness Week. This concert will be held at Marian Hall, in the University of Sacred Heart. Doors will open at 6:30 p.m., and the concert will start at 7 p.m. The night will start with the beautiful Honor Orchestra and close with the powerful sounds of the Honor Band.  

All of the concerts are free and open to the public, so if your time allows, please come to the concerts to enjoy beautiful music, and support the Sacred Heart musicians.