Social Service Council redirects its bottle cap program



Bags of bottle caps to be recycled

Mina, Editor

In the beginning of the school year, it was brought to light that the bottle caps that were donated to Ecocap Movement after September 2013 were not being donated to JCV, an organisation that provides vaccines to people in need. The Ecocap Movement claims that the funds were sent to Tohoku Earthquake relief and also to strengthen their employment program for disabled people who are unable to work elsewhere. However, the exact whereabouts of the destination of the proceeds remain ambiguous.

The Social Service Council abated its donations to Ecocap Movement at the start of the year and decided to temporarily store the collected bottle caps within the school while deciding where to donate to. The council decided to continue the collection as recycling is an important community practice, regardless of whether it raises funds for causes or not. After researching potential donation destinations for the bottle caps, the Social Service Council ultimately decided on donating the bottle caps to the Franciscan Chapel in Roppongi. The council has been participating in their Rice Ministry by making onigiri for the homeless on Saturdays, thus the council decided to entrust Chapel with the bottle caps. What cause to support with the proceeds the recycled bottle caps will be determined by the Franciscan Chapel.

Regardless of the change, recycling the bottle caps should be regarded just as important as donating money to a vaccination charity. After all, recycling is essential to maintaining our one and only home.