Chinatsu ka-ra-te’s her way to the top

Grade 8 student competes in national Junior High School Karate Championships


A. Tomita

Chinatsu faces her opponent.

Harshita (8)

On March 28, 2016, while most of the ISSH students were enjoying their spring break, Chinatsu (8) flew to Kita-Hiroshima in Hokkaido to compete in the Junior High School Karate Championships.

When Chinatsu was asked about her description of Karate, she said, “I don’t think I can live without it.” It has been so important to her and a big part of her life since the first grade. After earning her black belt in the fourth grade, Chinatsu continues to amaze others with her dedication to Karate. She trains every day of the week except for Thursdays, sometimes on holidays, in Azabu Juban, for at least two to three hours.

Chinatsu walked into the loud and cheer-ry competition room feeling “super super nervous”, although she also had confidence in herself because of the amount of time she got to practice Karate. This competition was not the first time Chinatsu walked into the Karate Championships room – Chinatsu placed in the top 16 in 2015. She had five supporters in the room, including her coaches, and the whole of 8th grade silently cheering her on from Tokyo. Her coach’s words of wisdom to Chinatsu were “You can do it” and “Don’t lose!” They encouraged Chinatsu to do well in the competition after training with her for a long time.

Chinatsu competed in two matches on the day of the tournament. She scored well on the first match, winning the whole match. In the second match, Chinatsu lost by only one point. Even though Chinatsu was unsuccessful and “was so depressed” because she “hated losing”, she felt that she improved “mentally and physically”  from this experience. After the competition, Chinatsu spent her time skiing on a hill that was made by the National Karate Championships organization for all the competitors.

In August 2016, Chinatsu is competing in another National Karate competition. She will be spending her summer training. “I have the qualification match in the end of May, and I have another chance of winning in August to accomplish my ultimate goal, winning the championships.”

Chinatsu poses with one of her supporters from Tokyo after the tournament.
A. Tomita
Chinatsu poses with one of her supporters from Tokyo after the tournament.