Spilling the vegan “tea” about T’s Restaurant

Lisa (12)
The tonkotsu ramen had a creamy, thick broth—unusual among vegan ramens which are usually lighter.

Do you have food allergies? Religious food restrictions? Are you a meat-lover, or a vegan whose friends think you feed on grass? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, T’s Restaurant is just for you. Located two minutes away from Jiyugaoka Station, T’s Restaurant is a fully vegan restaurant established in 2009, to provide a place where anybody—from vegans to meat-lovers—can sit down and enjoy a meal together.

What strikes you first as you walk into the restaurant, are the actual tree trunks lining one side of the wall. With nature-inspired textures and a display of wooden cooking utensils on the brick walls, T’s emphasis on eating unprocessed foods grown directly under the sun is shown through this modern, but rustic look.

T’s restaurant serves a variety of dishes from different cultures, ranging from pizzas to Chinese dumplings–which of course, are all veganized. An online menu is also available on their site.

Their tea time menu offers many dishes including vegan tonkotsu ramen and vegan shoyu (soy sauce) ramen. Instead of the usual toppings of pork belly slices, both ramens were topped with a variety of vegetables. The tonkotsu ramen had a creamy, thick broth—unusual among vegan ramens which are usually lighter—making it all the more similar to the traditional broth, and nevertheless, enjoyable. The shoyu ramen, being a little sour, complimented the mild soy meat topping—which tasted similar to meat, but had a softer texture. At the end of any great meal, of course, is dessert. The vegan gâteau au chocolat, served with a dollop of soy whipped cream and a couple berries on the side, was the cherry on top of the overall experience.

Other options include a chocolate tart–perfect for any vegan chocoholic ready to indulge. The T’s pound cake, and the T’s cake with apples, sweet potato, and pumpkin, are great for those looking for a lighter, more fruity vegan alternative. If you prefer creamy desserts, the vegan caramel crème brûlée and parfaits, believe me, will make you run back for more.

On weekends or national holidays, T’s restaurant tends to get crowded so make sure to score a reservation—this can either be done by directly calling the restaurant or online through their website. Calling them in advance, and buying food to-go is also possible.

Although the concept of eating a meal completely free from any animal products may sound bland at first, the food at T’s is terrific, providing dishes to suit everyone’s tastes.