Grab a slice at: The Pizza!

Ayra K. (12)

Hiroo street—filled with numerous burger joints and Japanese Soba Restaurants is always a hit amongst Sacred Heart staff and students. However, it seemed to be missing everyone’s favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal—pizza! If you are someone who is eager to find a convenient and delicious location to eat pizza in Tokyo, you are in luck! The Pizza has recently launched in place of Luke’s Lobster in Hiroo street.

With no website nor chain-stores, this restaurant receives little promotion. Yet this doesn’t stop the people queueing up to try this new joint. The Pizza, with its fluorescent red sign and contemporary stark-white white decor, is easy to spot. The atmosphere is also very fun, with lively music playing in the background, and industrial counters displaying their store name in bright white letters. Although this restaurant is small, it can seat around 10-12 people, making it not only cozy but also the perfect place to grab a snack with friends!

Upon walking in, you are greeted by the kind staff, who stand behind a glass counter displaying a variety of fresh thin crust New York style pizzas—which can be difficult to find in Tokyo. The menu is full of options from a vegetarian pizza, Italian sausage and green pepper pizza for meat lovers, and everyone’s favorite: cheese pizza. Sides such as the soup of the day (500 yen) and garlic knots (200 yen) are also available. The jalapeno and onion pizza, in particular, is a must-try if you are interested in adding a spicy twist to the traditional cheese option.

Whichever option you choose, you are served a large, almost 13-inch slice, spilling over a paper plate. But don’t let the size deceive you, the light and airy pizza will have you craving at least one more slice.

The prices do unfortunately run a bit high, ranging from 390 yen to 600 yen for individual slices, and 3,120 yen for a whole pizza. However, unlike most of the pizza restaurants nearby which cater to fine-dining, here, you are able to enjoy the New York style slice, in a casual fast-food environment. Staff and service are also quick, serving in less than 10 minutes, with convenient to-go packaging available.

Overall, from the friendly staff and fun decor to the mouth-watering pizza in the comfort of Hiroo, this location is a definite must visit—so don’t hesitate to try The Pizza!