28 Nationalities Represented in ISSH Summer School 2019


G. Nicholson

Students from different nations enjoying the food they cooked in Global Kitchen.

Anna P. (7), Summer Reporter

ISSH Summer School Coordinators, Mr. Nicholson and Ms. Spentzos, said that in ISSH Summer School this year there are 28 nationalities represented.

This year, 174 students are attending the International School of the Sacred Heart Summer School, the highest number of students ever. According to Ms. Spentzos, the highest number of students they had before 2019 was in 2017, when 167 students enrolled.

We asked Mr. Nicholson why he thinks that there are more students this year and he said, “Because we are getting better at knowing which courses interest children more. For example, we found out that Aikido wasn’t that interesting, so we stopped it and added a cooking course which students like.”

Many students came from overseas to attend ISSH Summer School in 2019. According to Mr. Nicholson, 15 % of the students enrolled came from outside Japan with students coming from as far away as Saudi Arabia, Guatemala, Europe, and America.

Ms. Spentzos said in an email, “About 28 nationalities are represented at summer school this year. Guatemalan siblings are attending for the first time, and I believe that all continents except Antarctica are represented!”  According to the Coordinators’ records, the countries or areas best represented in Summer School are Japan, China, and Europe.

Mr. Nicholson said, “The highest number of nationalities we have ever had was in 2017 with 32 nationalities.”

“Now we are a bit more local, we don’t have as many nationalities represented as before, but we would like to have more,” said Mr. Nicholson and Ms. Spentzos.