“I was scouted to model in 7th grade in Omotesando. I mainly do hair modeling, and Omotesando is where there are a lot of salons. Specifically, salons cut or dye my hair to promote their salon on their webpage, Instagram, and sometimes their magazines. 

Usually, the salons ask models to come in on weekdays for photoshoots. I usually go to do a photoshoot on long weekends or school holidays. 

Firstly, I think modeling gives you a sense of confidence. Also, it’s a really different environment. You get to talk to people who work in the creative industry. You learn so much about what those people’s lives are like. So many talented and creative people are in this one small room and I learn a lot from them. 

Once, I was invited to participate in a hair show. This is where many salons gather to present their work. They cut your hair in front of everyone, put hair dye medicine in your hair in front of everyone, and they show the audience their results. It was really overwhelming but it was fun at the same time because I wasn’t able to see what it looked like until the audience could.

Looking at Instagram, I feel like a lot of models give a negative image because of their unrealistic bodies or faces. But I think some models like Lauren Tsai – she is a model who is an artist – incorporate art into some of their works like photos. Specifically, with Lauren Tsai, she is very confident, powerful, and independent. To young women, I think that’s a great example of how you should present yourself and be yourself.” – Mia