Miko (Class of 2020)


“Hello, I’m Miko. I joined Sacred Heart in 2016. I will be going to Haverford College in the fall. 

I think my best memory at ISSH would be when we were all coming home from that island in Hiroshima on the tram. My friends and I were sitting in the row of seats lining the window, orange afternoon light was filtering into the car and some of us were sleeping. It was just such a warm moment. This Hiroshima trip was probably the best excursion for me just because it had the greatest impact on me. I also enjoyed the comparatively unbridled amount of freedom we had there.

There was this other time when we were sent outside to write about life or something in guidance. Chae Yeon and I situated ourselves in that little garden area behind the chapel, and after a while, Chae Yeon walked out, came back and said, “They left.” I guess we were so engrossed in reflection that we didn’t realize the bell had gone off and the rest of the class already left and we half-ran back to school, which I think is really funny.

Coming from a school that was fun but super laid-back about academics, the Sacred Heart dedication to learning, or whatever else you’re passionate about is something I will take away from my time here.

I’m not sure about what message I want to leave behind. I just hope that I made a mark on the people I’ll be leaving behind here.” –Miko