Sophie B.

More from the Class of 2021 Series:

“Hi! My name is Sophie and I came to Sacred Heart in 8th grade!

My best memories here were all days I spent laughing with my friends. These little moments came together to make my high school experience incredibly memorable. In freshman year, though, I felt quite lost and was very self-conscious. I didn’t have a specific plan or dreams I wanted to pursue, so I had to find purpose and reinforce my affinity for sports and academics. 

My weirdest memory was when Mr. T and the teacher band were performing a rock song. It was weird in a good way. I loved the vibes and the dedication. Wigs definitely flew.

My favorite excursion was for sure in 10th grade, I had so much fun with my friends. The sightseeing was amazing and so was the food. I loved the location, surrounded by so much nature. The organized activities by our grade reps also provided many memorable moments.

I’m most thankful for my friends and the school environment. I know most of us don’t see it the way I do, but coming from a German co-ed school, where it was very common to openly criticize and judge, I am very grateful to be part of an accepting community. I am incredibly thankful for our non-bullying policies that are widely respected and understood by our student body.

Remember to observe the students around you (everyone is interesting and some things might surprise you). Also, remember to treat others the way you want to be treated. Don’t judge because we are all weird in our own ways and that’s what makes us special! What’s our world without a little weirdness?

Graduation will be an emotional rollercoaster. But the good kind. It will be emotional in many ways since we will approach our parting from high school, but there are so many fun things planned for the ceremony.

I always knew I wanted to spend my university years in the States, even at a young age. I have recently decided that California, Los Angeles is my dream destination and am so excited to begin this new chapter of my life. I don’t have any specific worries regarding my entry, as my excitement outweighs my uncertainties. However, I know circumstances have changed and I do need to prepare myself for my departure. Japan sets incredibly high standards for safety and convenience, so I guess it’s time for me to readjust and experience different things!” — Sophie B.