Mr. Shirakura


Mr. Shirakura standing at the school entrance.

“I’m Mr. Shirakura, and I have been working here as a security guard for 10 years.

I chose this job because I wanted to do something to help people.

My main job is managing cars in the parking lot and standing in front of the gate to keep out suspicious persons. Basically, my job is to ensure student safety. 

Being a security guard is a little bit different in that it’s a 24-hour job. There’s always at least one guard who stays overnight at school, so it’s not the same as the normal nine to five jobs salarymen work. Even at my company there are still some security guards who work the same nine to five like salarymen, but it’s not like that here.

What I like most about this job is being able to meet all the students. It makes me happy that everyone here greets me as well. 

There are difficult aspects of the job as well—you have to stand [in the parking lot] to monitor the cars in rain, wind, or snow, whether that be in the morning or after school. But I overcome these challenges with the mindset that this is my responsibility as a security guard.

In case of an earthquake or a fire, there’s a manual all the guards follow. If it’s a fire, we go to the source and extinguish it immediately, and if there is an earthquake, we guide the evacuation. The security guards train together to make sure that we can follow the manual guidelines properly. 

My most memorable experience in my time here is when I saved a small child who was about to get run over in the parking lot. Everyone was also very thankful. At the end of the day, I think all the security guards believe in putting student safety first.” — Mr. Shirakura


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