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Chihiro H.(21)

Chihiro H.('21)

Chihiro is fully, and proudly, Taiwanese but has lived in Tokyo her whole life. She has spent over a decade in Sacred Heart and is excited to finally be a writer for The International. Speaking Mandarin at home, Japanese in the streets, and English at school, she is fully immersed in the multicultural community and enthusiastic to learn more perspectives. She thrives on energy and spirit, and loves being part of the cross country, basketball, and soccer teams, as well as the orchestra and band. As an avid public speaker, she hopes to also speak out and debate on global and controversial issues in print. She enjoys hugs (very difficult during COVID-19), listening to jazz, watching movies and documentaries, discovering underappreciated, cute cafes with friends, and taking time every day to read. She’s excited to change from reader to writer, and hopes that her first and last year in The International will be unforgettable. 

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