St. Maur student council visits Sacred Heart


Starting from the left: Ziquan (11), Stepanie (10), Desire (9), Miyu (11)

Mia K (10)

On March 17, the high school welcomed members of the St. Maur student council for a “Student Council Exchange”, an event that allows an exchange of ideas for students in the Kanto international school community. Several members of the St. Maur student council, Miyu (11), Ziquan (11), Stephanie (10), and Desire (9), visited our Journalism class, and answered some questions on what they think about Sacred Heart.

What was your first impression of Sacred Heart?

Miyu: I was impressed by the coffee stand that was set up in the morning.

Stephanie: We couldn’t do something like that at our school. No one can wake up that early. What I noticed was that your classrooms are not as big as I thought.

Desire: I liked it. It felt more comfortable.

Miyu: There are also a lot of stairs and corridors. It’s probably normal for you guys, but I feel like I would get lost easily. Also, I was really surprised that everyone gets to carry around their bags. At St. Maur, if a teacher sees us carrying our bag around, it gets confiscated.

What are some differences between Sacred Heart and St. Maur?

Stephanie: Sacred Heart’s length of each class is shorter than St. Maur. We have 55-minute classes, so Sacred Heart’s classes went by really quickly for me. Also, your teachers are really nice, but maybe that’s because we were visiting.

Ziquan: The common rooms. St. Maur doesn’t have anything like that. Also, Sacred Heart has enough people to have two homerooms, whereas St. Maur has one grade homeroom. At St. Maur you’re pretty close to everyone in your grade because of that, but in Sacred Heart, you sometimes don’t see a particular person for the whole day.

Desire: I feel like Sacred Heart is less strict about the whole “blocking social media”. At St. Maur, all popular forms of social media are banned. It’s blocked from our devices. But something I found interesting was, Sacred Heart is pretty relaxed about social media, but has very strict rules about not using phones. At St.Maur, we’re allowed to use our phones in between classes, and sometimes during class.

What would you consider interesting about St. Maur that you would like to share to students at Sacred Heart?

Stephanie: I realized that in Sacred Heart, there is no place where all high school grades can interact. At St. Maur, there is this shared hallway that all grades use. It allows us to talk to and become friends with people from other grades.  

Ziquan: At St. Maur we can use the gym during lunch and recess.

What are some interesting points about Sacred Heart that you would like to introduce to St. Maur?

All: Common rooms.

Ziquan: Also, the leather varsity jackets you guys have. They look so cool.