More from the Class of 2021 Series:

“Hi! I’m Camille and I came to Sacred Heart in freshman year (2017). For university, I still have few options that I’m hesitating between. It’ll really all depend on my AP scores and which offers actually go through. All I know for sure is that I’ll end up in Canada or in the UK, either in Toronto, Montreal, or London.  

One of my best memories at ISSH was hearing that our grade had won another Spirit Day this February. The pure joy and adrenaline that filled our homeroom period was so fulfilling— it made me remember that our grade is stronger together. It sounds a bit cheesy but our grade has always worked together to win and so being rewarded for our team effort was really nice!

My favorite excursion was definitely 10th grade. It just felt like our entire grade was on the same wavelength. There were always multiple options when participating in activities, so it felt like we could choose what we liked, and I really enjoyed that flexibility. This might be a personal thing but I also preferred having smaller rooms, it gave us more of an opportunity to bond with our friends instead of feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of people that you share a room with. Overall, it really was a great experience.

A weird memory I have from this school is when I was first being introduced to our school’s Kris Kringle tradition in my first year here. It was not something we would’ve ever done in my old school and so seeing the whole high school so excited was foreign to me! It’s really crazy how Kris Kringle is so ingrained in this school’s culture. It goes to show that there is definitely a bond between everyone and gives an opportunity to give to others around Christmas time— which is always nice! 

I’m thankful for the support that’s always present in this school. Whether it be between students or teachers, I can always be sure that I will find help when I need it. Sometimes I find myself in situations where those around me are open and understanding and just all around willing to be there. What’s also wonderful is how teachers truly just want to help you accomplish your full potential and when asked will guide you along the way. I think it’s really beautiful.

I advise you to choose courses you like without necessarily having a destination in mind. It feels like the more you do of something you have a genuine interest in, the more you know what you want. It also stops any disappointment that comes with having a change of heart— you’ll always be only focusing on things you enjoy. This goes out especially to any students starting/choosing APs: just know that it’s ok to not know exactly what you will be doing in 20 years and to change your mind along the way, we all evolve and grow as people.” — Camille