To Uniform or Not to Uniform


Olga is a senior. Seniors are allowed to be free dressed in Fridays.
Olga is a senior. Seniors are allowed to be free dressed in Fridays.

Why would uniforms be necessary when there are plenty of other clothes to wear?

Students should have the liberty to wear what they want. Additionally, no one has to have a daily morning crisis when there’s a missing sock, a stained blouse, a holey school sweater, or a wrinkled skirt.

Some say it’s much less time-consuming in the morning for students to wear a uniform. Yet, without uniforms, students who are running late to school could simply leave the house in their sleepwear. Whereas, for someone who is having a uniform malfunction and is rummaging around looking for a certain misplaced plaid skirt in the laundry, those few extra minutes spent searching could cost them a tardy (dramatic music plays in background).

Standard dress codes still exist, uniform or no uniform, so students will be expected to dress responsibly and appropriately either way.

Why make us all dress similarly as if to make us avoid being aesthetically unique and opinionated?

Come on, these pants aren’t going to fit me forever–if not now, when else can I wear them?


Plaid is very on trend this season.
Plaid is very on trend this season.

There are certain advantages to studying in an all girl’s school.

1. Girls are more empowered here.
2. Shaving? What shaving?
3. And there are no boys to impress on a daily basis.

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That is all reflected in our uniforms. Ladies, let’s be honest with ourselves, can you imagine waking up at six a.m. every morning to put on makeup and coordinate your clothes? Also, there is nothing worse than being sent home in the middle of class because the shorts you put on that day are too scandalous. Also (this is gross, but we all do it), you can wear one uniform five days a week and no one will notice. No one cares.

If this school had free dress days for a month, girls would put in effort to look decent for the first few weeks. They would put on a cute pair of jeans, maybe some cute boots and draw in their eyebrows. However, I guarantee you, after the novelty of the first two weeks, there will be slow decline in effort. Towards the end of the month there will be nothing but a sea of sweats, UGGs, and greasy hair.

There will never again be a time in your life when you can hit the snooze button and spend a little more time in bed, rather than coordinating your socks with your scarf.

Plus, by not washing your clothes every day, your parents will thank you for cutting back on the electricity fees.



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