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The summer of 2015 is anticipating some exciting new arrivals

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Now that summer has finally arrived, it’s time to hit the bookstores!

The Summer of 2015 is anticipating some exciting arrivals…

Credits to: Simon & Schuster

Credits to: Simon & Schuster

“How We’ll Live on Mars” by Stephen Petranek (July 7)

According to award-winning journalist Stephen Petranek, humans will be living on Mars by 2027. Due to the slow but steady decline of resources on Earth, humans will have to find another habitable planet, and the only likely candidate is Mars. Petranek argues that while it could take 300 years to “terraform” Mars, it is possible for humans to live there within the next twenty years. While the journalist has his fair share of skeptics, the book is sure to be an intriguing and enlightening read.


HarperCollins Publishers

HarperCollins Publishers

“Go Set a Watchman” Sequel to “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee    (July 14)

After years of pleading by fans, Harper Lee has finally announced the release of the sequel to the award winning novel “To Kill a Mockingbird”. The novel which was released in 1960 immediately became successful and went on to win the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. The novel’s intense plot, told through the eyes of a child, captured the hearts of readers worldwide, and instantly became a treasured part of modern American literature.
However, after the sudden overwhelming flow of attention the book received, Lee retreated from the public eye and emphatically stated that she would never publish a book again. Until now. Although there has been some speculation that Lee was forced or manipulated into releasing the novel, “To Kill a Mockingbird” fans are thrilled to revisit their beloved characters and see what the characters have gotten up to since they last saw them.

Still set in the fictional town of Maycomb, Alabama, Scout returns to visit her father, the infamous Atticus. Now much older, the novel explores the complex relationship of father and daughter, and deals with rising racial tensions during the 1950’s in the South. Although the sequel was written before its predecessor, Lee had initially set it aside after heeding advice from her editor who suggested she write the novel from the perspective of young Scout. The manuscript had been lost until it was rediscovered by her lawyer in 2014. It has been said that the novel is going to be published the way it was originally written with no recent edits.

“A Cure for Suicide” by Jesse Ball   (July 21)

Jesse Ball, the acclaimed author of “Silence Once Begun” has finally announced the release of his latest creation. “A Cure for Suicide”, which revolves around a man starting at his most basic level and a woman who acts as his doctor and guide. The novel oversees his journey through thick and thin and explores what happens when the young man meets a volatile woman who makes him question everything he once thought he knew for certain. While not much has been disclosed about the novel, it promises to be a captivating, heartwarming mix of despair, love, and betrayal.

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