Emi (Class of 2020)


“Hello, I’m Emi, and I joined Sacred Heart in 2009. I’VE BEEN HERE FOR TEN YEARS. I SHOULD COUNT AS A VETERAN, but I’m not… I’ll be attending Sciences Po in France in the fall!

This is so weird, but this is one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had at Sacred Heart. Basically, the scene is set in eighth grade science class, and where we were learning about genetics. Mr. Robey had written “DNA” on the board, turned around, and asked, “Does anyone know what DNA stands for?” I was extremely excited for this question because my dad had drilled into me since I was little (for some weird reason that I don’t fully understand) what DNA stands for. I put my hand in the air excitedly, waiting impatiently while Mr. Robey chose several others first. My face was basically red by the time it was my turn to speak. Since I was the last one he called on, he had already turned around by that point to write on the board the correct answer. Then I said: “deoxyribonucleic acid.” Mr. Robey turned around, eyes wide, and said “VERY GOOD, EMI,” in his loud, booming voice. I was very proud of myself, which is probably the reason why I remember this so well. Thanks, Mr. Robey.

Another favourite memory of mine is the entirety of the trip to the Netherlands with Vocal Ensemble. I remember arriving and taking in the atmosphere which was so exciting, and wherever we went the food was so good! Especially the breakfast buffet. I’ll never forget that breakfast buffet. Of course, the main highlight was just sitting in the performance hall as the results for each category were being announced. All of us were huddled together in the seats, hearts pounding as they slowly called out the scores for all the groups. When we were announced as first, all of us leapt up and cheered so obnoxiously (though the other groups were amazing and were such good sports). Other highlights (though pretty much the entire trip was one big highlight): playing cards in our rooms at night and in the bus, singing pretty much everywhere and breaking out into song, and the “-gang” competition.

I guess a bad memory would be from this year: hearing everything being cancelled slowly, one by one. The worst blow was the cancellation of Vocal Ensemble’s trip to Washington DC, on the Friday morning after we found out that the rest of the month would be spent at home doing e-learning. Still, it was actually a pretty uplifting moment since we were all crying together in the morning, group hugging and sobbing as we sang a few songs. In hindsight, I guess it was pretty dramatic, but it was also very cathartic.

I am really thankful for all my friends that I’ve made throughout the years, the countless experiences (as I have presented above) ISSH has allowed me to experience, and the supportive community that I grew up in.

I think all of the excursions have their fun aspects, but I think twelfth grade excursions were the most impactful. Going to Hiroshima with all of your friends for one last excursion while being asked all of these deep questions about war, its cost was really overwhelming but also really fulfilling. The deer were also really cute.

I’m not the best at advice, but I guess my advice would be: don’t be afraid to try new things. All throughout high school I pretty much just tried new things all the time, and I think that’s how I really grew a lot as a person. I’m very introverted, so a lot of this had a lot of discomfort associated, but I think it’s really beneficial to go out and push yourself to do things that aren’t in your comfort zone. Especially since it’s high school, which is really the time you’re allowed to try anything you want.” – Emi