‘Buon appetite’ at Rigoletto


The Quatrro Formaggio and Arrabiata served in lavish profusion. Original Photo: Reshma

As the waitress leads you to your seats, you stand frozen as your eyes shift toward the ceiling. Suspended against the ceiling are specks of pendulous glittering chandelier lights.

As you are ushered to your seat, you are offered a menu outlining pasta, pizza, and risotto (accompanied with a salad and drink).

Although its external appearance appears generic and standard, its rooms are of spectacular opulence. Scattered across various places in Tokyo such as Marunouchi, Roppongi, and Yokohama, Rigoletto is a must for those craving Italian.

With so many options to choose from, your eyes curiously are drawn towards the Quattro formaggio for yourself and Parmesan risotto for your friend. After a seemingly worthwhile wait, your mouth opens in surprise as you absorb the generous portion of food–a true rarity in Japan.

The pizza consists of an assortment of cheeses such as mozzarella, cream cheese, and everyone’s favorite: Gorgonzola. Escorted with the pizza is a jar of honey, incorporating a tinge of sweet to the authentic dish.  The Parmesan risotto holds true to its name; fresh Parmesan cheese is voluminously sprinkled around your plate and on your dish. The cheese complements the soft, delicate Arborio rice coated with crisp parsley.

And for those who can’t stand cheese, their arrabbiata decorated with red-hot chilli peppers and mild Italian herbs will whisk you back to the old-fashioned streets of Italy.

Finally as you begin to wipe your plate clean, the waiter will bring steaming and soothing herbal tea to conclude your meal.

But, perhaps the most fascinating element of this palatial restaurant is their price: the set meal at lunchtime is within a thousand yen.

So no excuses, dine at Rigoletto!