New course sweetens summer school

2019’s Summer School offers a new cooking class, Just Desserts

Rafaa B. (7), Summer Reporter

Summer School 2019 includes several new courses, and some of them are very popular amongst students. Such as the new class, Just Desserts, which is taught by Mrs. Naoko Belitz who has taught Home Economics in ISSH for five years.

The International was able to interview Mrs. Belitz about the new course.


Can you explain to us what the new class, “Just Desserts” is?

“This is a new class in Summer School this year. We make desserts, and we try to introduce the recipes to the students, so they can make them at home, to impress their friends and family. The students enjoy desserts, but I try to make them healthier, by using whole wheat products instead of refined grains, and low-fat dairy, and a lot of fruits.”

What do you like most about this course?

I like the energy that the students produce because it is a mixed age group I don’t usually teach, but they help each other. The older students take care of the younger, and they are all so happy that they got to share the experience, and eat the desserts together.”

What do you think the students like most about this course?

“They are happy when they make something for the first time, something they didn’t think they could make at the beginning. I’m happy when I see their smiles.”

How do you think this course will benefit attending students?

“Those who like eating sweets all the time could appreciate the procedure much more, with the ingredients being put together the correct way with the certain measurements, and you have to care for hygiene and safety. So they’ll appreciate it much more when they taste other foods in the future.”

Why did you volunteer to teach this course?

“You see, I’m a Home Economics teacher, and I teach cooking all the time. But I usually only teach grade 5 and up, but I love summer school, because it’s a mixed age, and the younger students can join. So I get to know them before they come to middle school. There are also some students from other schools, and I like that collaboration and energy.”  

What do you think makes this class different from Global Kitchen?  

“So, I taught Global Kitchen before, and it combines sweets and regular cooking. I think that a lot of people wanted to attend Global Kitchen, so they separated the class, so we can have both cooking and dessert making, so more dishes are made.”

Between Global Kitchen and Just Desserts, which class do you prefer most, and why?

“I love both, so I try not to differentiate. Because both times I’m trying to introduce healthier versions of the food, otherwise if you go to a restaurant, you’ll never know what’s going to be in your food. So the foundation of both of the classes are very similar.”

If you could change anything about this course, what would it be?

“I think I would manage time better, so students can leave at a certain time. Sometimes I have too much time, and sometimes I have too little time, so I have to manage well. But I’m trying to be better by getting ready a little earlier, and if the students have extra time I can offer more recipes to them.”