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Mizuki (11)

Mizuki (11), Writer

While Mizuki is South Korean, she has spent her entire life in Japan. She is currently a junior at ISSH and has attended this school since second grade. Although the slight mention of any sort of “intense physical activity” irks her, she is always up for an adventurous walk. As of now, she strongly recommends the streets of Kyoto and Boston for a pleasurable, solitary walk. On the rare occasion when she is not overloaded with homework, she can be found reading a young-adult novel, binge-watching a reality TV show on Netflix, or listening to any indie or EDM playlists on Spotify. Mizuki also loves to travel and lists Kathmandu, London, and Nice as the most memorable destinations as of yet. She cannot wait to start writing for the International and looks forward to sharing with readers.

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