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Cristina K.(12)
If you hear random squeals, high-pitched laughs, or witty, sarcastic remarks throughout the day, it is probably Cristina. She is a 14-year veteran, and currently a senior at ISSH. She comes from Italy and Japan— or at least, that’s what she tells everyone, but in reality, she is equally Russian as she’s Japanese. Although she loves the idea of spending her time doing nothing for months on end, when summer comes, it never works out… in fact, it drives her insane, and (disclaimer: unpopular opinion) she cannot wait for school to start. More than anything, she loves spending time serving, laughing, and joking around with her community at ISSH. She also loves dancing around and pretending to know the lyrics to Spanish songs, but most importantly, she is obsessed with Christmas music, since it gives her a warm and fuzzy feeling, (which unfortunately fades around Christmas time, since she grows tired of it by then). This is Cristina’s first year as a journalist for The International, and she is thrilled to have the opportunity to provide a platform for the Sacred Heart community to share their stories, and to be in touch with each other’s lives.

Cristina K.(12)

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