Ms. Vuillaume


“Before coming to Sacred Heart I was teaching at the French Institute, so it’s really different because it was just for people who wanted to learn French. It was not international, and it was not a school. I really like being in an international environment because you hear so many languages, speak English, and it is so cool. I love working in both! But what I really like here is working with young people. I mean, you have this dynamic— this enthusiasm of being here, and I love speaking with students about their dreams, and what they want to do— it is very inspiring.

Being part of the Sacred Heart community is great. I felt really welcomed, and I love the students! I hope that in the future I can meet more students, more people, more teachers, because right now I am only familiar with my team.

I’ve been here since Tokyo was in lockdown, so I respected that, and just worked at home. I haven’t been out of Tokyo, and I haven’t been out much either. So, I am going to wait until next year, and then travel, and discover Japan. I would like to go hiking on Mt. Fuji. I also want to go to Okinawa and Hokkaido, since I’ve never been there. But something I liked doing this year was eating. I love unagi (Japanese eel), and anything like ramen, soba, that’s really good.

This year, I really want to talk about French culture with my students and introduce them to the French-speaking community. I want them to know more about French artists, so I try to introduce them to popular French songs. I would also like to use more technology in class. I thought about doing something like a ‘draw my life’ at the end of the year, for the students to be able to really use what they studied in class, and use technology. I hope it will work! 

Mostly, I just want the students to be able to believe in themselves. I want them to be confident, and just go straight to their dreams, without hesitation.” — Ms. Vuillaume