Alisa (Class of 2020)


“Hello, I’m Alisa. I joined Sacred Heart in Grade 5. I’ll be going to the University of Tsukuba in the fall. 

I would have to say that my best memory would be winning the A-Team basketball tournament in grade 8! The year before, we had lost in the finals by one point to Seisen, so everyone on the team was extra motivated heading into the tournament for our final year of middle school. There’s this one photo that’s particularly memorable from the day of the tournament, where the team members on the bench including the managers are leaping up from their seats the moment we won the championship game. A big shout out to Mr. Bowler who believed in us throughout the season and helped us achieve great things! On a more contemplative note, the grade 12 excursions is another of my favorite memories since it was an excursion that allowed for a lot of reflection. I felt like it was a fitting end to my high school career, and I just really felt at peace during the whole trip.

It’s really sad that we are missing out on two months of school due to the coronavirus and that I am not able to see all of my friends 🙁 However, I’m thankful for our school community that is doing its best to stay positive and support one another during these difficult times. Be ready to smile (and cry) for our graduation! I’m also thankful for all of the people I’ve met at Sacred Heart, both students and faculty since so many of them have inspired me in different ways.

From what I’ve learned so far, good things happen when you take care of yourself. Eat to make both your brain and your body happy, find an enjoyable way to exercise, and get plenty of sleep. That way, you’re always ready to seize the day! At the same time, sometimes it’s important to slow down and get a break from the busy world. Moderation is key!” – Alisa