Christmas in April: icy prom livens up high schoolers’ Saturday

Crowd sings along St. Mary’s a cappella group, Big 10.

Yasmim, Editor

In April 11 Sacred Heart, Seisen and St. Mary’s students gathered at the ANA Hotel to devour fancy food and have fun. After a stressful year of intense studies, seniors and juniors enjoyed their last moments with their peers whilst listening to the St. Mary’s Jazz band as well as the student-based a cappella groups, S4, Big 10 and Arigatunes. This years theme was Everest (and it was chosen by St. Mary’s boys) and for that reason the Prom Committee members decided to “break the ice” and decorate a Christmas tree to go along with the icy vibe. Although it caused a bit of confusion, there was an overall agreement that the tree was a great conversation starter. “[The Christmas tree] was a good monument,” said Yuki (12).

“Prom was a great memory for all the seniors” said Joanna (12).